Ag Reports Schedule


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“Country Morning Show” (LISTEN NOW)

6:30:00-6:33:00           GRAIN MARKET RECAP
6:34:00-6:37:00           LIVESTOCK MARKET RECAP
6:39:00-6:44:00           FARM NEWS
6:45:00-6:50:00           FARM NEWS
6:51:30-6:55:00           FARMING FORECAST WEATHER
6:56:30-6:59:50           INSIDE AGRICULTURE

Markets (LISTEN NOW)

8:30:00-8:32:30           OPENING MARKETS
9:30:00-9:35:00           MARKET UPDATE
10:30:00-10:35:00       MARKET UPDATE
11:30:00-11:35:00       MARKET UPDATE

“Agriculture Today Show” (LISTEN NOW)  

12:30:00-12:35:00       MID DAY MARKET SUMMARY
12:37:00-12:44:00       FARM NEWS
12:45:00-12:50:00       FARM NEWS
12:52:00-12:55:30       FARMING FORECAST WEATHER
12:57:30-12:59:50       INSIDE AGRICULTURE/MKT UPDATE

Closing Markets  (LISTEN NOW)

1:30:00-1:35:00           CLOSING MARKETS